In this post I will share harry potter spell book summary. Harry James Potter British author J. K. Rowling is the main character in the Harry Potter novel series. The story of this series revolves around Harry. Harry was the first to know at the age of 11 that he was a magician.

The background of the story is Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There Harry takes part in various adventures with his two close friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. Harry gradually discovers that he is extremely famous in the magical community.

The most notable aspect of his appearance is the lightning-like cut marks on his forehead, known as scars. Harry's forehead was scared when Lord Voldemort cursed Avada Kedavra to kill him. Voldemort killed Harry's parents. Harry is the only person in the magic world who has survived the death curse called Avada Kedavra. This led to the downfall of Lord Voldemort.

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The only child of Harry James and Lily Potter in the novel. Harry's black hair, like his father's, is neatly arranged. His temperament, character, personality he got from his mother. She also got her mother's green eyes. In the first novel Harry is described as short and slender, but in the fifth book he is described as tall. She wears round-framed glasses.

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According to Rowling, the idea of ​​Harry Potter first came to his mind at the train station in 1990 when he was waiting for a train on his way from Manchester to London. According to him, "the black-haired boy, who didn't know he was a magician, was becoming more and more real to me."

He created Harry as an orphan. In an interview with The Guardian in 1999, he said: "Harry had to be an orphan, so he could grow up free and independent. "Because most of the important events in the series happened at night! There's safety here too. If I have a child of my own, I have to believe that safety for children is paramount. That's what Hogwarts gave Harry."

Rowling's mother's death on December 30, 1990, had a profound effect on him. Through his writing, the emptiness and love he has for Harry's dead parents and the longing he has for them to return to them is so deep and realistic that he has combined his own life experiences with it.

He said in an interview in 2000 that he was particularly inspired by the character Wart in TH White's novel The Sword in the Stone, which shaped Harry's personality. He has established his own birthday, July 31, as Harry's birthday. He also said that he did not create Harry based on any real-life character, "he was created from a part of me."

Rowling says Harry can be a great role model for young children. "The biggest advantage of a fictional hero is that you get to know him better than a real hero. If someone likes Harry and can identify him, I'm glad, because I think Harry must be liked."

At various stages of the series, Rowling has established Harry Potter as a gifted and courageous magician. In a 2000 interview, Rowling said that Harry was particularly good at defending himself against the Dark Arts. He is also good at Quid ditch.

Rowling said in the same interview that by the middle of the third book, Harmonie Granger, a close friend of Harry's and their smartest student of the year, would be able to defeat Harry in a magic duel. But in later books, Harry became so skilled at resisting black magic that he would be able to defeat Hermione as well.

Harry's various abilities can be seen from the very beginning of the series. In particular, Harry quickly established his control over the magic broom, began applying Petronas at a very young age, and dealt directly with Voldemort several times. He is a parcelmouth. That means he can talk to snakes and understand the language of parceltang or snakes.

According to Rowling, a tiny piece of Voldemort's soul lives inside Harry, saying Harry gains this power. But after that piece of Voldemort's soul in Harry was destroyed, Harry lost his ability to speak in Parseltang. Also Harry is the only student in his class on whom the Imperial Curse can have no effect.

According to Rowling, Harry's favorite book is Quidditch Through Ages. Rowling actually wrote the book under the pseudonym Kenilworthy Whisp.

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