Today in this post I will share, Harry potter and the half blood prince book review. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Book 6 of the British author J. K. Rowling, released on June 21, 2005, sold ten million copies the night of its release, becoming the best-selling book in history.

Two years after the release of the fifth book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Book VI came in July 2005 to mark the end of the series. Book after book, the Harry Potter series becomes closer to adults, but after the sixth book, it proves that.

Through the book’s journey full of death, ruin, and old memories, Harry Potter discovers Voldemort's greatest secret, and seeks to destroy it through this secret, as he returns in the past with Mentor Albus Dumbledore to discover more about Voldemort's history and secrets.

In this book, the war becomes public, and the magical society is imprinted with the character of death and terror. Death eats wreak havoc in all parts of the magical society, accidents of death, torture, and disappearances fill newspapers and people's talk, just as deception fades people.

The common community is not spared from this devastation. It is exposed to hurricanes, collapses, killings and control accidents. The book is filled with catastrophic dates and transitions, and in it the Prince of Mixed Blood appears and Dumbledore is killed in sudden shock.

The book is filled with mesmerizing and startling events, delves into history, reveals larger glimpses of the histories of some of the characters, and many fall in love. In this book, Harry Potter prepares for the major showdown in Book Seven. The book, Prince of Mixed Blood, achieved huge sales, which are considered the largest in history, during the first day of its publication, it sold more than ten million copies.

The book was translated into Arabic with the title: Harry Potter and the Hybrid Prince, and it achieved huge sales by the standards of the Arab publishing market. The book was short, with everyone’s approval and shorter than expected, but it was wonderful by all accounts. Many wonderful events. The book starts from the house of Severus Snape, in an unusual way, where it resides in a section that does not inconsistent with Narcisia Malfoy to protect her son Draco in his mission entrusted to him by Lord Voldemort.

A covenant is not broken with her, and events go again to the hostel 4 Private Drive Street where Dumbledore himself arrives at the house of Drusley and takes Harry with him to the burrow and before that passes to Horace Slughorn to persuade him to return to teaching, Harry arrives to the burrow where he finds the Weasley in addition to Fleur Delacour who decided She and Bill Weasley marry, but no one welcomed this marriage, especially Mrs. Weasley and Jenny, whom they called sticky due to her way of speaking.

The magician, while they were shopping, followed Harry to Draco Malfoy to the Nektorin Lane and saw him threatening a shopkeeper, "Burgin," with something, and then Harry thought it was a sign of darkness.

 Everyone returned to Hogwarts, and during their train journey, Harry entered Slytherin's room under the cloak of concealment, but Malfoy exposed him and froze him for the rest of the trip without anyone knowing until Tonks found him after everyone got off the train and Harry seeks to uncover what Malfoy is planning for the whole year.

Harry potter and the half blood prince book

 Harry Potter and the Hybrid Prince got positive reviews. Lisel Schellinger of the New York Times praised the novel's various themes and interesting ending. 

However, Schillinger considered Rowling's gift "distinct in terms of characterization and plot creation rather than a linguistic gift." Kirks Review stated that the novel "will leave readers happy, amused, excited, fearful, angry, delighted, sad, surprised, amazed, and thoughtful, often wondering about where Voldemort is, given that it appears only in glimpses of the past."

The magazine considered that Rowling's "twisted humor" had turned into "complete joy," but described the climax of the novel as "tragic, but not annoyingly shocking." Yvonne Zeb of the Christian Science Monitor praised the way Rowling crystallized the character of teenage Harry and how to uncover the strands of plot he had begun to weave since entering the Chamber of Secrets.

On the other hand, Yvonne reported that the novel “becomes somewhat saturated with narrative clarification at certain points,” and that older readers may be able to anticipate the end.

"The book shows genius on every page," wrote the Boston Globe correspondent Liz Rosenberg. She praised the pictures and the style used in it, which was more dark, taking into account the possibility of the series moving from a fictional style to a genre of horror.

Associated Press writer Deepti Hagela praised the new emotional approach as well as Harry's aging to the point that "Younger fans might find [the chain] too mature." Emily Green, a writer for the Los Angeles Times, expressed her generally positive opinions about the book, but expressed concern about young children's ability to absorb the content.

Cultural critic Julia Keeler of the Chicago Tribune described the novel as "the most eloquent and substantial addition to the series to date" and considered humor the most important key to the success of Potter's novels.

Harry Potter and the Hybrid Prince has won numerous awards, including the 2006 British Book Award and the 2006 Royal Mail Award for books for Scottish children between the ages of 8 and 12 in the UK. Moving to the United States, the American Library Association included it in its 2006 Best Books for Young People list.

The novel won the 2005 Badminton Prize in the two categories of Best Book of the Year and Best Children's Book. The novel received the platinum seal of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award for Outstanding Book.

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