Today in this post  I will share,harry potter and the goblet of fire chapter 1 summary. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is the fourth book in the Harry Potter series written by British author J. K. Rowling. It was released in 2000, and won a Hugo Award in 2001. Rowling, before the book was released, warned that one of the book's characters would die, leaving much speculation about who it might be. she.

The book has been one of the few children's books that has been highly anticipated and highly acclaimed, alongside its successors, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

After the somewhat more childish trilogy that are the previous three volumes, the book multiplies in size. The first three books contained 254, 287 and 359 pages, while, since Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the books are around 600 pages.


Harry Potter and the goblet of fire chapter 1 summary

Although it has not been the author's object to impact on world literature due to its style, the French-American academic Daniel Herrendorf has proposed since 2003 to the Swedish Academy, and on behalf of the Fund for culture and patronage of the south, that it consider the work for the Nobel Prize in Literature, a request that Herrendorf reiterates annually. In 2005 a movie was made based on this book, directed by Mike Ne well.

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Harry potter and the goblet of fire book summary chapter 1

Chapter I: "The Riddle Mansion": ( harry potter and the goblet of fire chapter 1 summary)

"Another day another book" Hermione took the fourth book out of the box, she had decided to make that small chest as protection, only she could access them. Not that she didn't trust Harry and Ron or Ginny, but their blood was too hot and maybe they would end up throwing the whole order away trying to make everything better, but they would end up ruining everything.

Not to mention Sirius.
-They are getting longer- Lily sighed- I love reading my son's life but I know that each page is one more page that I will be cutting nails without knowing if you will end up physically or psychologically hurt.
-Don't worry so much about the process, I'm fine now, all of that form of something I left behind.

"Will you read, Hermione?" The brunette nodded.
-The chapter is called The Riddle Mansion.
"Does Voldemort have a mansion?" Harry thought for a moment.
-Something like that. A family mansion, rather.
Alastor clenched his jaw, he had a feeling this would be a crucial piece of information.

The villagers of Little Hangleton continued to call it "the Riddle Manor" even though the Riddles had not lived there for many years. Built on a hill overlooking the village, it had some windows boarded up, the roof was missing tiles, and ivy spread freely across the fa├žade.

"Kind of like Malfoy Mannor," Draco muttered.
-Wait a moment, what did you say? - Lucius was even more pale, stiff and cold as a stabbing piece of ice- What have you done to my family's ancestral home? It was a relic! A gold mine! Why have you left the mansion? Where the hell do you and the traitor you have for a wife live? ”Astoria rolled her eyes.

-Do you really think that affects me? You have said worse things to me father in law and do not direct your anger at me because I was not the one who made the decision to leave that place, although he was quite happy to do so.

-The house became a prison during the war, a barracks, converted into Azkaban itself. After the war, they intervened, destroyed a lot of things, and let them take away all that was of dark magic. But I couldn't stay there, the walls ...- Draco shuddered- the walls screamed, the screams of the tortured… the blood of the children… I couldn't stand it, I couldn't stay there, it would end up throwing me off the top floor.

Lucius didn't say anything, he seemed too offended for him to want to look at him, but he met a familiar look, one with irises the same color as his own, Sirius noticing the fine tear that Draco couldn't wipe away fast enough.

Perhaps he, Andromeda, and Tonks weren't the only traitors in the Black family.
-Quiet dear, we will never return to that place- Astoria brushed her hand with Draco's- Our house is much smaller than Malfoy Mannor, but it is perfect and if you are interested in seeing your son or seeing your grandchildren grow up, you are invited to go Lucius.

It had once been a beautiful mansion and by far the largest and most stately building in a radius of several miles, but now it was abandoned and dilapidated, and no one lived in it. In Little Hangleton everyone agreed that the old mansion was sinister.

Half a century ago something strange and horrible had happened to her, something that the villagers still liked to talk about when the gossip was exhausted. They had told the story so many times and added so much to it that no one was quite sure what the truth was anymore.

"I thought that only happened at the Ministry," Harry ironized, earning himself a couple of puzzled looks.

All versions, however, began at the same point: fifty years earlier, at dawn on a sunny summer morning, when the Riddle Mansion still retained its imposing appearance, the maid had entered the room and found the dead. the three Riddles.

"It is not possible that he ... No one would be so cruel, right?" No one wanted to answer, because no one could be sure that Voldemort's wickedness knew any limits.
"Well at least he hates everyone and it's nothing personal against Mudbloods, I feel better" James frowned.

"Don't use that term, it's degrading and you're worth gold no matter where you come from." Lily had to make an effort to suppress the need to look at the Slytherin table, where Severus was with his head down.

 The woman had run screaming down the hill to the village, waking up everyone she could.

"They lie there with wide eyes!" They are cold as ice! And they're still wearing their dinner clothes!

The police were called, and the entire village was abuzz with curiosity, horror, and poorly concealed emotion. No one made the slightest effort to pretend they were sorry for the Riddles' deaths, because no one loved them.

-If we come to the case, I think my neighbors will have a party the day I die, they won't tolerate me.

-Marlene, you've been destroying the garden gnomes of Messrs. Jones for years.
-THE THINGS ARE HORRIBLE! They don't look like gnomes and they see me through the window while I undress.

"You don't have to be a gnome to want to see you while you undress," the blonde slightly arched her corner.

-I would like to say the same puppy, but you have walked half naked so many times through the changing rooms, and the common room, and the bedrooms, and the bathrooms and that time down the hall ... not to mention that you hooked up with half a school ... already there is nothing left of your anatomy to discover.

-There is a part that I am sure you will like so much that you are going to ...
"MR. BLACK!" Sirius gave a doggy laugh, something more serious from the alcohol and the cigarette than his and his little one.

Mr. and Mrs. Riddle were rich, snobbish, and rude, though not nearly as rich as Tom, his grown son.

-They remind me of a family- Arthur directed a look of disdain towards Lucius, a gesture that softened as he focused on Draco, that boy certainly seemed affected by everything that he had lived through.

-It's not his fault that he was born there- Molly accepted sadly, understanding the expression of her husband- Children are like a mirror Arthur, they only reflect what they have in front of them and only the little one has done it well enough with such examples.
"Harry grew up in a horrible place and yet he's a good person," Fabian contradicted.

-It is the eternal discussion about whether we are or become, Harry was born good? Did Draco get it bad? There's no point arguing that, Muggles have been doing it since the eighteenth century and have only gotten more and more entangled.

The villagers wondered about the identity of the murderer, because it was evident that three people who are apparently in good health do not die the same night of natural death.

The unforgivable. Alastor was beginning to gather all that data in his head.

The Hanged Man, which was what the village tavern was called, made a killing that night, as everyone came to comment on the triple murder. They had left the heat of their homes to do so, but were rewarded with the arrival of the Riddles' cook, who entered the tavern with a bang and announced to the suddenly silent crowd that a man had just been arrested. named Frank Bryce.

"That mania Muggles have for blaming an innocent man when they clearly have no idea what happened," Andromeda complained.
"It's clearly not just Muggle stuff," Sirius corrected, his tone serious and grim.

"Frank!" Some shouted. It just can not be! Frank Bryce was the Riddles' gardener and lived alone in a humble little house on his master's estate. He had returned from the war with a stiff leg and a distinct dislike of crowds and loud noises.

"The profile of a murderer." Alastor looked from him to Fred.
-Don't ever trust yourself boy, no matter how harmless someone seems, he can always attack you.

-That! Alert- Tonks shouted, tired of keeping quiet.
- Exactly girl, it is necessary to stay in permanent alert. Every wizard should know that. Permanent alert! ”Ron coughed.

-Wait if Tonks is the origin of that phrase but this never happened in our time How could ...? Where did that phrase originally come from in the original version without our intervention? ”Hermione rubbed her temple.
-Temporary paradoxes make my brain ache.

Since then, she had worked for the Riddles. Several of those present rushed to order a drink for the cook, and they all prepared to hear the details.

"I always thought he was a weird guy," the woman explained to the locals, who were listening expectantly, after finishing her fourth glass of sherry. He was very sullen. I must have invited him to a drink a hundred times, but he didn't like dealing with people, no sir.

-Oh sure, because not wanting to get drunk with the employee is synonymous with being a serial killer.

"Well," said a villager by the bar, "poor Frank had a hard time in the war, and he likes the quiet." That's no reason to …

"And who other than him had the key to the back door?" The cook interrupted, raising her voice. There has always been a duplicate key hanging in the gardener's cottage that I remember! And last night no one forced the door! There is no broken window! Frank had only to go up to the mansion while we all slept ... The villagers exchanged grim looks.

"I always thought there was something nasty about him, of course," a man sitting at the bar snarled. "The war made him a weird guy, if you're interested in my opinion," added the tavern owner.

-How easy it is to make firewood from the fallen tree- Sirius felt the same bitterness as Harry- a stain, a doubt, he is the trigger for everyone to throw their garbage on you.
"Tell me." James looked at Harry confused.

-I understand about Canuto, but you? I don't think the Parseltongue and the heir thing is that serious.
-Wait for the next book, they almost didn't throw trash at me ... literally. Not all- ac

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