Today I will share harry potter and the chamber of secrets book review summary . Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harri Potter by Rolling in English is the second episode of the sequence. In this novel, Harry Potter and the other characters return to Hogwarts and encounter new adventures. A film of the same name has also been made on it (in the English version the name is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets). A Hindi version of this novel is also available.

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Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets book summary .

Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets novel review summary

Harry finds Dobby, a domestic genie (House Elf) at Uncle Vernon's house, before moving to Hogwarts in his second year. He tells Harry not to go to Hogwarts. Dobbie tells Harry that terrible events will happen this year at Hogwarts. But Harry arrives at Hogwarts, ignoring Dobbie's warning.

There he meets his old friends (Rhone, Harmony, Nivil, etc.). As Harry's enmity with Malfoy grows. He meets his newfound secret-teacher (DADA) new teacher, the once-idiot Gildroy Lockhart. Strange incidents have to happen in school in a few days. Some children are found lifeless.

Meanwhile, strange sounds start to scare Harry. Later, it is revealed that the fort has a mysterious tomb, which was built by Nagesh-Nagashakti (Salazar Slytherin) to kill the Muggle children because Nagesh Nagashakti wanted that the sorcerers should only be possessed by the sorcerers. (Ie Pure Blood). Only by opening the mysterious cellar of Nagashakti could leave that frightening creature on the battered children.

Harry first suspects Malfoy that he is Nag-Shakti's heir. But later the trail of suspicion comes upon Harry when Harry speaks snake-language in front of everyone (because Nagesh-Nagashakti could also speak the language of snakes). In the month of February, Harry receives a nameless diary from the residence (the girls 'bathroom) of Moaning Myrtle (a soul who lives in a girls' bathroom).

Nothing was written on that diary, except for 'Tom Marvolo Riddil'. Then later Harry sees through this diary that fifty years ago a student named Tom Riddill was studying at Hogwarts. Harry sees that someone is carrying a dead girl. Tom then turns to Hagrid and says, "Terrible animals are not domesticated. The dead girl's parents would at least want the perpetrator to be severely punished. Your picture will be confiscated and you will be expelled from school." . " Just seeing this, Harry suspects Hagrid. Increased attacks on disgraced children.

Meanwhile, Harmayani also becomes lifeless. Harry and Ron learn that the beast is a time-watcher and death in his eyes. Finally, Ron's sister, Ginny, is taken inside a mysterious dungeon. Harry, Ron, and Gildroy go to Desperate-Mina to lock up Ginny with Lockhart. They find out from Meena that she was dead in the bathroom, with big yellow eyes.

The mystery unravels and they find a way to the basement. Inside the basement, Nag-Shakti's heir is Tom Riddil, who created the game by subduing Ginny. Tom Lourd-Voldemort has a form. After all, the car fights with Harry's time and kills Tom. Then everything goes back to normal and this is what Harry Potter's second year ends.

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