Now in this post  I will share, harry potter advanced potion making book review. A personally annotated copy of the Advanced Potion Making book belonged to Severus Snape while attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Nape's personal nickname for himself was the "Half-Blood Prince", and so he signed this nickname along the bottom of the book's back cover.


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Harry Potter advanced potion making book is a potions textbook used at Hogwarts for ECSTASY Potions level classes and written by Libatius Borage. It contains a variety of recipes for various potions, many of which Severus Nape changed and improved through the crossing of words and by taking notes in the margins.

Harry potter advanced potion making book plot summary.

Approximately twenty years later, Harry Potter took the Potions ECSTASY class with the newly reinstated Professor Slughorn. Harry hadn't bought his own textbook before coming to Hogwarts, as he believed he hadn't qualified for advancement.

Snape had stated that he would only accept students who had received Extraordinary in their T.I.M.O., but Slughorn was quite happy with the Exceed Expectations that Harry had received.

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Slughorn loaned him one of the oldest books left by former students. Harry, by chance, received this book. Although initially annoyed by the squiggles that made it difficult to read the original instructions, when Harry tried Snape's methods.

He achieved better results than even Hermione Granger. When Harry bought a new book at Flourish and Blotts, he changed the front covers and gave Slughorn the new one with a combination of the sectioning and repair charms, while keeping it, much to Hermione's disgust.

When Mrs. Pince saw the book with its pages covered in graffiti, she was enraged, despite Harry insisting that it was not from the library. She clawed the air for him, and made angry claims at Harry for staining a book with writing.

During the rest of his sixth year at Hogwarts, Harry became better at potions than he had ever been in his time with Severus Snape and even managed to save Ronald Weasley's life with a bezoar when he had been poisoned.

This book also helped Harry win a bottle of Felix Felicis in his first class, which was later essential in helping him acquire a keepsake from Professor Horace Slughorn on Tom Riddle and Horcruxes. Harry also read the notes out of interest, and his friends suggested that he went too far to sleep with him.

Throughout the year, Harry began testing the Half-Blood Prince's self-invented spells that were written in the textbook. However, when he used Sectumsempra on Draco Malfoy, he was unaware of its effects and Malfoy was seriously injured. However, Harry was surprised when he saw the lethality of the curse.

During one of Slughorn's Eminences Club parties, Snape learned of Harry's sudden improvement in the art of potion making. Snape then suspected that his old textbook might have fallen into Harry's hands.

When Harry used Sectumsempra on Draco Malfoy, Snape was able to confirm his suspicions, but was unable to get his hands on the book, as Harry had hidden the book inside the Room of Requirement and had used Ron's book as lure. As a result, Snape (correctly) accused Harry of being a liar and a cheater, and punished him with a multitude of arrests for hurting Malfoy and cheating on potions.

Despite knowing Harry's source for the curse, Snape decided not to hand Harry over for a more severe punishment, as he feared that he would connect himself with being the inventor of the curse. Using this curse came as a surprise to Harry, as he did not expect the Prince to have added something so cruel to the notes, and he even berated the Prince within his own mind for doing so.

However, he intended to retrieve the book if he had the opportunity to do so. As a result of hiding the book from Snape, Harry's potions rating dropped dramatically thereafter, although Slughorn attributed it to Harry's newfound love for Ginny Weasley.

Harry hiding the book would later turn out to be a serendipitous move, as he inadvertently discovered the Ravenclaw Diadem while he was doing so, which was one of Lord Voldemort's Horcruxes.

After learning the story behind the theft of the Gray Lady's diadem, Harry realized that he had seen the diadem while he was hiding the old potions book from him, which turned out to be crucial in the eventual destruction of that Horcrux.

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